Research Reactor Utilization workshop

Research Reactor Utilization
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Message from the Project Leader

Photo of Prof Ohtsuki
Prof. Tsutomu OHTSUKI
Professor, Division of Nuclear Engineering Science
Institute for Integrated Radiation and Nuclear Science, Kyoto University (KURNS)

It is expected that the function and role required for research reactors are clarified by performing research and technical interchange about the reactors in Asian countries. We are thinking that, therefore, the roles of a more effective research reactors such as the standardization of the technical base, the use of neutron itself and the RI production can be promoted in Asian countries.In addition, by the spreading of way in thinking and technique of our country through these activity, we want to plan "construction of the new research reactors complimentary and mutually in not only Japan but also Asian countries" with unified intention of each researcher and/or engineer.

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