Electron Accelerator Application

- Project Review
- Introduction of the Project Leaders
- Industrial Purpose
- Gamma-Ray Irradiation Facilites
- Papers for Project Outcome
- FNCA Guideline on Development of Hydrogel and Oligosaccharides by Radiation Processing (PDF)
- FNCA Guideline on Chitosan PGP Application for Rice, Chilli and Other Crops (PDF)


Electron Accelerator Application Project

- Radiation Processing of Natural Polymer -

The objective of this project is to develop technologies of electron beam (EB) irradiation system that has a variety of applications and good safety features. A self-shielded low energy accelerator has many advantages such as the lower initial investment compared to its counterpart of Co-60 irradiator as well as its safety and ease of operation.

This project currently aims to a wider application of electron accelerator in Industry. Member countries have been cooperatively working toward practical use of beneficial and valuable products not only by mutual information exchange but also by data sharing in joint study.

The use of low energy electron accelerator will be promoted on the plan. However, the high energy electron beam accelerator and gamma rays will also be encouraged.
In Phase-II (2006 FY - 2008 FY), the radiation processing of natural polymers was emphasized. Phase III (2009 FY - 2011FY) continuously focuses on further R&D on plant growth promoter/elicitor by degradation of natural polymers as well as applications of radiation crosslinked hydrogel for super water absorbent, aiming for technical transfer to the end users.

Collaborative irradiation of chitosan at BATAN, INDONESIA

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