Sub-Project on Disease Resistance in Banana

Sub-Project on Disease Resistance in Banana was conducted from 2004 with the collaboration of member countries i.e. Bangladesh (2007∼), Indonesia (∼2008), Japan, Malaysia, The Philippines and Vietnam. After 7 years activity, most of countries have succeeded in produce several promising mutants tolerant to banana diseases such as Fusarium and Banana Bunchy Top Virus (BBTV). Moreover, technology transfer for commercial use has been successfully carried out in Malaysia and the Philippines.
This Sub-Project was terminated successfully in 2010 and "Achievement Sub-Project on Disease Resistance in Banana" was published in March, 2011.
You can download the documents below. We really hope that it would be useful material for the people who are involved in mutation breeding work.


0. Whole 2.4MB
1. General Background 618KB
2. Mutation Breeding Technology 1.2MB
3. General Discussion 67KB
4. Acknowledgement 25KB
5. List of References 59KB
6. Appendix 42KB