Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA) Project

Neutron Activation Analysis Project
Project Review
Massage from the Project Leader
Introduction of the Project Leaders
Papers for Project Outcome
Research Reactor Technology Project (Finished)
Project Review
Massage from the Project Leader
Introduction of the Project Leaders
Tc-99mGenerator Project (Finished)
Project Review
Neutron Scattering Project (Paused)
Project Review
Introduction of the Project Leaders


Introduction of the Project Leaders

Dr. John William BENNETT

Dr. John William BENNETT
Neutron Activation Group, Reactor Operations
Australian Nuclear Science and
Technology Organisation (ANSTO)

Dr. Syed Mohammod Hosain

Dr. Kamrun Naher
Chief Scientific Officer Institute of Nuclear
Principal Scientific Officer
Reactor and Neutron Physics Division
Science and Technology (INST)
Atomic Energy Research Establishment (Savar) (AERE)
Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission (BAEC)

Dr. Ni Bangfa

Dr. Xiao Caijin
Researcher, Nuclear Physics Department,
China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE)

Ms. Theresia Rina Mulyaningsih

Mr. Sutisna
Center for Science and Technology of Advanced Materials
National Nuclear Energy Agency (BATAN)

Dr. Mitsuru Ebihara

Dr. Mitsuru Ebihara
Professor, Division of Chemistry,
Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Tokyo Metropolitan University (TMU)

Dr. Igor Silachyov Dr. Igor Silachyov
Leading researcher of the Institute of Nuclear Physics,
National Nuclear Centre of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Mr. Moon Jong-Hwa Mr. Moon Jong-Hwa
Senior Researcher,
HANARO Utilization Technology Development Division HANARO Center
Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI)
Dr. Mohd Suhaimi HAMZAH

Ms. Shamsiah Abdul Rahman
Senior Research Officer,
Analytical Chemistry Application Group,
Waste and Environment Technology Division,
Malaysian Nuclear Agency (Nuclear Malaysia)

Mr. Damdinsuren GANTUMUR

Mr. Damdinsuren GANTUMUR
Researcher, Nuclear research Centre, National University of Mongolia

Ms.  Preciosa Corazon B. Pabroa

Mr. Joseph Michael D. RACHO
Senior Science Research Specialist,
Nuclear Analytical Techniques Applications Section,
Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI)

The Philippines
Dr. Sarinrat WONGLEE

Dr. Supalak KONGSRI
Nuclear Scientist
Nuclear Research and Development Division
Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology (TINT)

Dr. HO Manh Dung Dr. HO Manh Dung
Principal Researcher
Nuclear Research Institute (NRI)
Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute (VINATOM)
Viet Nam

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