Combating Food Fraud using Nuclear Technology

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Combating Food Fraud using Nuclear Technology

Asian countries play a significant role in the global food production and are fundamental to economic growth. The modern-day supply chain is increasingly complex with multiple sources supplying to an aggregator which is then processed and packaged for export. As there are various links in this supply chain, it is difficult to ensure that all actors are honest and following the protocols correctly. Therefore, there is an increasing likelihood of dishonest actors in a supply chain to commit food fraud due to difficulties in tracing food back to a single origin. Food fraud also can negatively impact human health, sustainability and erode consumer confidence. The capacity to verify the source of origin of food is therefore critical for supporting transparency in the supply chains for ensuring the safety of consumers and sustainability of the food industries.

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In collaboration with FNCA members countries, this project aims to undertake research for the establishment of a food provenance technology platform using isotopic and nuclear analysis techniques to mitigate the incidents of fraud in the supply chain.

The outcomes of this project will help develop scientific capacity to fight food fraud. The development of a food provenance technology platform will act as a deterrent against fraudulent practices in the food supply chain and thus minimizes the risks of the presence of fraudulent food products in the market, enabling effective agribusiness among FNCA member countries for sustainable growth.

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