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Asian Nuclear Training and Education Program


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What's about ANTEP ?

Network System

ANTEP is the network system proposed by Human Resources Development (HRD)project in FNCA(*) activities which promoted by Ministry of Education, Culture,Sports,Science and Technology (MEXT), Japanese government.
It provides the information of needs and available programs/courses to promote the HRD activities in FNCA member countries.
(*) FNCA;Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia

ANTEP network consists of the following data:
(1) Needs for education and training programs/courses from member countries
(2) Existing nuclear training and education resources,i.e.,training and education programs and courses in member countries

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Function of ANTEP

The framework sustains the highest economic growth rates in Asian countries in the face of limited resources and the need to protect and preserve the environment, the region can benefit from effective utilization of nuclear science and technology. Participating countries include Australia, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Japan.

(ANTEP continued until FY2016)

Fanction of ANTEP

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Major Fields

ANTEP covers the following fields; nuclear science and engineering for energy and power applications, radiation and radioisotope application for industry, health care, and agriculture.

There are six fields categorized as follows.

A) Radiation Safety and Radioactive Waste - Radiation Protection, Emergency Preparedness, Waste Management, Decommissioning, etc.-
B) Radiation and Isotope Application - Agricultural Applications, Medical Applications,Industrial Applications, Environmental Applications, Accelerator Technology, Isotope Production, Neutron Beam Application, Facility Operation and Maintenance, etc.-
C) Research Reactor - Nuclear data and Physics, Reactor Physics,Reactor Design and Engineering, Material and Nuclear Fuel, Reactor Safety, Reactor Operations and Maintenance, etc.-
D) Nuclear Power Reactor - Reactor Physics, Material and Nuclear Fuel, Reactor Operation and Maintenance, Nuclear Safety, Plant Design, etc.-
E) Nuclear Administration - Energy Strategy, Safety Regulation and Licensing, Public Communication, etc.-
F) Others  

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