FNCA Meeting

FNCA Meeting is composed of Ministerial Level Meeting and Senior Officials Meeting in which cooperation measures and nuclear energy policies are discussed.


The panel discusses on the regional energy and environmental issues in accordance with the specific themes for each phase including the information exchange toward the introduction of nuclear power.


The total review and coordination of the FNCA projects are implemented by an appointed coordinator from each country.


Cooperation activities including a workshop for each 8 project are conducted in the 4 fields; Radiation Utilization Development, Research Reactor Utilization, Nuclear Safety Strengthening, and Nuclear Infrastructure Strengthening.


Mutation Breeding

The new mutant varieties of crops like banana and rice that have environmental tolerance and high quality, are being developed by gamma-ray or ion-beam.



To reduce chemical fertilizer and support sustainable agriculture in Asia, multifunctional biofertilizer using radiation sterilization is being developed and expanded.


Radiation Processing and Polymer Modification for Agricultural, Environmental and Medical Applications

Member Countries have been carrying out research and development activities on plant growth promoter/elicitor and super water absorbent by radiation processing of natural polymers such as chitin/chitosan.


Research on Climate Change using Nuclear and Isotopic Techniques

The overall aim of the project is to better understand the mechanisms and processes of past climate variability through undertaking nuclear and isotopic based experiments and analyses that support research into past climate change, and sharing the expertise to interpret the new knowledge.


Radiation Oncology

This project is to establish standard treatment protocols for cervical and nasopharyngeal cancers that are common in Asia and to improve the treatment outcomes with the high-level multinational clinical trials.


Research Reactor Network

This project aims to bolster mutual understanding of the characteristics, usage conditions and other factors surrounding test and research reactors owned by FNCA member countries. It also aims to improve the technical skill level of researchers and technicians, and encourage mutual utilization of those test and research reactors.


Radiation Safety and Radioactive Waste Management

This project aims to enhance the safety concerning radiation usage and radioactive waste management through opinion exchange and sharing various findings and experiences among participating countries.


Nuclear Security and Safeguards

Asian countries are considering introducing nuclear power. This project aims to support human resources and infrastructure development through information exchange and discussion on nuclear security and safeguards.

About FNCA

FNCA is a Japan-led cooperation framework for peaceful use of nuclear technology in Asia. The cooperation consists of FNCA meetings and the project activities with the participation of Australia, Bangladesh, China, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Malaysia, Mongolia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam.

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