Mutation Breeding

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- Mutation Breeding Manual
- Sorghum & Soybean
- Insect Resistance in Orchid
- Disease Resistance in Banana
- Composition or Quality in Rice
- Rice for Sustainable Agriculture
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Mutation Breeding Project

When plants are irradiated, mutations occasionally can be produced. Changes in the colors and shapes of the flowers and leaves, as well as some function and components of the plant can be obtained.

FNCA Mutation Breeding Project uses mutation breeding technology with irradiation to crop that is highly needed by the people of Asia. The aim is to develop varieties that are more resistant to disease, insects, and drought, or give higher yield and offer higher quality.

At the beginning of the project, the main activity had been information exchange, however it was shifted to sub-project activity focused on target crops that are high needed in Asian countries.

The project has focused on the mutation breeding for sustainable agriculture in Asia since 2013 and new activity on "Mutation Breeding of Major Crops for Low-input Sustainable Agriculture under Climate Change" was started in 2018.

Sub-Projects and outcome of the project are as follows;
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Mutation Breeding of Rice for Sustainable Agriculture (2013 - 2018) (terminated)
Composition or Quality in Rice (2007 - 2012) (terminated)
Disease Resistance in Banana (2004 - 2010) (terminated)
Insect Resistance in Orchid (2003 - 2009) (terminated)
Drought Tolerance in Sorghum and Soy bean (2002 - 2006) (terminated)

Mutant line of Rice in Bangladesh (Right : Parent Variety)

Achievement Reports of Sub-Projects

Mutation Breeding Manual (MBM) (2004)
Mutation Breeding Manual was published in 2004, as a practical manual of mutation breeding (bench-side manual). Everyone can download it free from this website and it is expected that it would be useful paper for the people who are involved in mutation breeding work.
Mutation Breeding Publication Database (MBPD) (2006 - )
Mutation Breeding Publication Database is being constructed to collect and introduce related article for mutation breeding widely in participating countries.
Mutation Breeding Database (MBDB) (-2012)
The Mutation Breeding Data Base was created with the cooperation by eight participating countries. It stores various types of data such as researched crops, methods and laboratories and it was downloaded till 2012 by many related researchers as a distinctly unique and comprehensive resource.

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