Radiation Safety and Radioactive Waste Management

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Radiation Safety and Radioactive Waste Management Project

Since the FNCA Radioactive Waste Management (RWM) project, which was a former project of Radiation Safety and Radioactive Waste Management (RS & RWM) project, started in 1995 with an aim for enhancing safety of Radioactive Waste Management in Asian area, participating countries have been exchanged and shared various precious information and experiences on radioactive waste management, and lead to promotion of good comprehension at the technical viewpoint among FNCA countries.
The accumulated results acquired through these activities over ten years were published as a report of FNCA RWM Consolidated Report. At first the report was published with titled FNCA RWM-R001 on March 2003, and then it was revised several times with including new information. FNCA RWM-R004 was published on March 2007.
Through the above activities of the FNCA RWM project such as information and experience exchange among participating countries, well understanding and correct information on Radioactive Waste Management have been promoted, especially in the technical viewpoint.
It is obvious that the field of radioactive waste management is still important for maintaining and improving nuclear safety and radiation application in Asian region. On the other hand, as several Asian countries have practical plans to introduce the nuclear program in near future, we believe that the activity of radiation safety, which is prerequisite for good managing and operating nuclear facilities, will make our international cooperation more effective.
Taking above history and facts into our consideration, it was recognized that the project of Radioactive Waste Management should include or expand on the theme of Radiation Safety as closely related theme to radioactive waste management, and accordingly in 2008 the project name was reformed as the Radiation Safety & Waste Management (RSWM) project. The regenerated project is expected to deal with the field of radiation safety, but still continue the activities of the field of radioactive waste management as before.
As regarding the radiation safety, in general principle, each country should understand properly the contents and concepts of the ICRP’s recommendations, the relevant IAEA's safety standards and other basic information concerned. It is recognized, however, that they cannot be applied directly and uniformly as the laws, regulations, standards or criteria of radiation safety in some cases and each country should have enough practical knowledge and insights to utilize them at the phase of application.
Embracing this recognition, the RS & RWM project will, for achieving the goal of the new project, include the items such as occupational radiation safety of research and power reactor, public safety, use of radioisotope in research and medical facilities, radiation safety in view of environmental aspects concerning radioactive waste disposal and the other important theme of radiation safety and protection.
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