Human Resources Development (Finished)

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Human Resources Development Project

The project Outline

It is recognized that Human Resources Development (HRD) is the national priority for development of nuclear science and technology in Asian region. HRD is the cross-sectional theme for all FNCA projects. Each country should execute its own HRD program to meet its national conditions, nuclear S&T development policy and strategy. There are a lot of common issues and needs which can be solved by the multilateral cooperation.

This HRD project aims to promote mutual exchange in HRD and strengthen nuclear technology foundation in Asian countries by performing activities. Main activities are understanding the needs of HRD in the nuclear field, exchanging information and survey on nuclear HRD, discussion on future HRD cooperation, joint study of training materials, and so on.

The project started in FY1999 as relatively new FNCA project. It has already achieved various outcomes such as finding out about HRD needs and demand in nuclear science and technology, supporting the training, and HRD survey on basic data. These were expected to improve mutual support activities and give feedback to existing exchanging programs.

Unique survey on basic data on HRD began in 2002 to utilize for the HRD strategy of each country. The survey covers number of organization, personnel of administration agencies, national R&D institutes, educational organizations, academic associations and societies, training courses, and qualifications/licenses in the nuclear energy field.

The project is now moving to the next phase to achieve concrete outcomes from the first target of perception about current status. Immediate tasks are formulating each HRD strategy for nuclear development and linking up with other network for synergy effects. At the workshops in FY2003 and FY2004, presentation and discussion on strategies were made based on the basic data analysis.

HRD Project is expected to go forward effectively without any duplication with other HRD programs and make closer linkages with them for enhancing synergy.This project has been promoting Asian Nuclear Training and Education Program (ANTEP) from 2006. It provides the information of needs and available programs/courses to promote the HRD activities in FNCA member countries. ANTEP web site to indicate newest information on matching between needs and programs has been launched in October 2007, and largely modified in December 2008.


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