Research Reactor Network

- Project Review
- Massage from the Project Leader
- Introduction of the Project Leaders


Massage from the Project Leader

Masanori Kaminaga
Japan Atomic Energy Agency (JAEA)
Oarai Research and Development Center,
Neutron Irradiation and Testing Reactor Center, Deputy Director

Concerning the research reactors of Asian nations, the function and role-sharing of them which should be needed in Asia will be clarified by a mutual technical study. Furthermore, the effective standardization of basic technology as well as effective RI productions etc. in Asian nations will be expected to achieve by the mutual technical study.
By transfer the knowledge and technology from our country to Asia through these activities, mutual utilization of research reactors where Japanese research reactors are acting as the core of them, in particular JMTR (Japan Materials Testing Reactor), will be encouraged in an Asian area. As a result, we will also construct the "mutually complementary research reactor network" in Asia, where many researchers as well as technicians will be able to circulate among member countries.

Forum for Nuclear Cooperation in Asia