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Research Reactor Network Project

In many Asian countries, research reactors have been operated and managed over many years and put to a variety of uses (including radioactivation analysis, RI production, semiconductor manufacturing, reactor fuel and material irradiation testing, nuclear medicine, medical irradiation, neutron radiography, inorganic and organic physical property research, and reactor behavior research). Some countries start operating new large research reactors, and some plan to construct new research reactors based on their experience with the existing research reactors.

In the light of this situation, this project is intended to share information such as the features and utilization of research reactors in operation in Asian countries to establish a network, thereby promoting the technology infrastructure of researchers of Asian countries and effective mutual use. It also aims to contribute to the development of researchers engaged in research reactors of Asian countries as the basis of Japan's experience.

FNCA multi-purpose research reactor catalogue
In order to utilize multi-purpose research reactor among MSs, the detailed catalog of multi-purpose research reactor including beam facilities, irradiation facilities and so on (including PIE facilities) with contact person for each facility is made available for information.
FNCA Catalogue 2016 (PDF5.9MB)

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