Safety Management Systems for Nuclear Facilities (Finished)

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Safety Management Systems for Nuclear Facilities Project

Historical Background

The Nuclear Safety Culture project concluded with the Workshop in Beijing in March 2008. The project group concluded that significant positive impacts had been made to promote strong safety culture. The group recommended that a replacement project be initiated and proposed topics. At the 10th FNCA Coordinators meeting Australia gave the outline for the new project on Safety Management Systems (SMS) for Nuclear Facilities. The new project builds on the experience gained in self-assessment and peer review gained in the Nuclear Safety Culture project.

Overall Objectives of the Project

1. To identify key aspects of safety management systems for nuclear facilities
2. To develop self-assessment / peer review methodologies for nuclear safety management
3. By mutual agreement, to undertake peer reviews at designated institutes in project countries

Project Achievements

The Project team examined available SMS frameworks and used an IAEA guideline to develop a self-assessment tool. This is a structured set of questions covering all SMS issue that is used by each country to "self assess" the strength of their system. The project has then performed three peer reviews of facilities in host countries:

1. 2010: RSG-GAS reactor Indonesia
2. 2011: RTP reactor Malaysia
3. 2012: HANARO reactor Korea

The peer review process involves the visiting SMS project team examining the host country self-assessment and identifying both good practices that other countries can adopt and recommendations where improvements may be possible.


The following resource developed by the SMS project team is made available for information. Please note that this is not claimed cover all safety management matters and it is not guaranteed in any way.

   ·  Self-Assessment Tool (PDF45KB)

Good Practices

Good Practices found in past 6 Peer Reviews is made available for information.

   ·  Good Practices (PDF319KB)

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