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Biofertilizer information "BF-info"

"Biofertilizer Mailing List", which is on the basis of E-mail address registered by participants, is ready for the registered participants only. We call this system as "BF-info" (Biofertilizer information) from which various information concerning the biofertilizer and FNCA activities are available. It is not one-way information so that the all participants are welcome to send any news, comments and questions as a "BF-info".

If you would like resister, change your registered e-mail address or withdraw from Mailing List, please contact with secretariat; e-mail address (image) with your information "occupation, name, purpose of using this mailing list".

We are highly expecting an active registration to this "Biofertilizer Mailing List" and please encourage your colleagues and friends concerning the biofertilizers to register.

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