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Biofertilizer Project

To establish sustainable agriculture in Asia, we must decrease consumption of the chemical fertilizers. However, reductions of the chemical fertilizer will lead to a decline in food productions. Microorganism, which is effective in promoting plant growths, is expected to be a possible solution to this contradiction.
To support sustainable agriculture, the FNCA countries are engaged in the R&D on multifunctional biofertilizer with high quality as an alternative to chemical fertilizers as well as other agrochemicals in the farming field. It consists of multiple inoculants with promoting plant growth or inhibiting plant diseases. Those inoculants are selected through conventional screening or produced with radiation-based microbial mutation breeding. To control quality of carrier, we would use the radiation sterilization using Co-60.
As other activities on FNCA Biofertilizer Project, Biofertilizer Manual was published in March 2006. The manual is written to share information and experiences of biofertilizer use in Asian countries, their effectiveness, efficient production processes, storage and application on different crops. Also Biofertilizer Newsletter is published regularly and FNCA countries take turns introducing the topics and activities. Additionally, the researchers in the world exchange information with the mailing list named "Bio-info".


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