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2003 Joint Workshop on
"FNCA Biofertilizer Project" and "JSPS-NRCT/DOST/LIPI/VCC Multilateral Cooperative Research Program*"

* JSPS-NRCT/DOST/LIPI/VCC Multilateral Cooperative Research Program in the Field of Biotechnology,Development of Biomanure Based on the Symbiotic System
  January 16, 2003 Upload
October 20-24, 2003
Hanoi and Ho-Chi-Minh City, Viet Nam

Dr. Vo Van Thuan /Director of the Institute For Nuclear Science and Technology (INST), VAEC
The "2003 Joint Workshop on FNCA Biofertilizer Project and JSPS-NRCT/DOST/LIPI/VCC Multilateral Cooperative Research Program in the Field of Biotechnology, Development of Biomanure Based on the Symbiotic System" took place in Hano and Ho-Chi-Minh City, Vietnam on October 20-24,2003.
Total 33 Participants from FNCA and JSPS and experts from IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), ICRISAT (International Crops Research Institute for the Semi Arid Tropics) and host organization in Viet Nam attended to this meeting.

Field Demonstration of Biofertilizer/
Vinh Phuc Province
Participants made technical visit to the Vinh phuc province, where they visited the field demonstration of biofertilizer on groundnut and potato, and the experiment to valuate the effect of biofertilizer on growth of pine in forestry research and development center in vinh phuc province.

Pine in Forestry Research and Development Center/Vinh Phuc Province
On the field demonstration and experiment all participants can obtain the different in crops growing between biofertilizer treatment and control without biofertilizer, especially the nodulation of groundnut.

After the remarks from Viet Nam and Japan, Country Reports from FNCA participating countries, Oral presentations from JSPS and Special Lectures were presented.
In the meeting, following topics were discussed.
- Collaboration between FNCA and JSPS Cooperative Multilateral Projects
- General Discussion and Review of 2003 and Work Plan for 2004
- FNCA Field Demonstration and N-15 Experiments
- FNCA Biofertilizer Manual
- Use of Irradiation for carrier sterilization
- FNCA Web Site and Biofertilizer Mailing List, "BF-info"
- Next Workshop
- Biofertilizer Group Newsletters
- Strategy for Extension of Bio-fertilizer

Opening Ceremony at the Workshop
This Participants find this Workshop was useful and successful.
The details of this Workshop is available from following "Minutes of 2003 Joint Workshop"
  Minutes of 2003 Joint Workshop
  Program of 2003 Joint Workshop
  Participants List of 2003 Joint Workshop
-Country Report-
China Indonesia
Japan Korea
Malaysia Philippines
Thailand VietNam
  FNCA https://www.fnca.mext.go.jp/english/
  JSPS http://www.jsps.go.jp/english/index.html
  IAEA http://www.iaea.org/
  ICRISAT http://www.icrisat.org/
  VAEC http://www.vaec.gov.vn/

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