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Public Opinion Survey on Nuclear Energy in Seven FNCA Countries
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Public Information Project

The aim of Public Information Project is to enhance the understanding of nuclear energy and use of radiation among the people in FNCA member countries by means of public communication and outreach. The Project supports member countries' public information strategies for nuclear energy development and radiation application.

The major activities of the Project are;

  • Information exchange through presentation of country report introducing member countries' current facts on nuclear energy application and its PI activities, in annual Project Leaders Meeting (PLM)
  • Convening Open Seminar in PLM Host country, aiming at enhancing public understanding of Nuclear Energy
  • Conducting IAEA training program aiming at enhancing PLM participants' public information skill
  • Information exchange on method of public information by presenting and sharing DVD, printed materials and novelty among member countries in PLM
  • Organizing Regional Speakers Bureau (RSB) to support an FNCA country with respect to encouraging public information activities by providing an appropriate person or persons for a symposium, a seminar, or a discussion meeting, upon request by an FNCA country
  • Publication of FNCA News Letter (annual, English and Japanese)
  • Posting New Information
  • Updating and improvement of the contents of FNCA website
  • Public opinion survey "A Joint Cross National Survey" was carried out on perception of radiation and recognition of radiation utilization among high-school students in eight FNCA countries, from September to October 2002 as the first attempt. As of 2009, public opinion survey on nuclear energy is in preparation.)

Open Seminar "Forum on Nuclear Energy: Prospects and Development" was held in Beijing,
China during 2008 PLM. Five speakers presented the topics on the energy issues.

Mr. Minoru Kubo, Project Leader of Japan, lecturing at 2009 RSB held in Kota Baru, Malaysia

Mr. Ketvarong Nukulkij, Thai Project Leader working for events aiming
at enhancing people's knowledge on nuclear energy

Mr. Mohd Rosli bin Muda, Malaysian Project Leader practically took charge of
public information in press conference on TV.

Project leaders on the Project are actively involved in mass media and various events in their countries.

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